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Tai Chi for Kids

Tai Chi for Kids is a fun filled program that will help you do just that. It also compliments the key Montessori learning themes of Move, Touch, Manipulate and Explore.  Tai Chi is a slow moving physical exercise that promotes self control, along with physical and mental health. What’s more,                                                          children find it fun and engaging!

Tai Chi DVD

This Wind Tai Chi DVD was created by Young Washington using innovative moves through storytelling.

Group Training

$20 per client per session

Get the benefits of personal training at significant cost savings by exercising with a small group.  These 50-60 minute group (3-5 clients) sessions are suitable for current clients and experienced exercisers at the intermediate to advanced level.  You’ll learn techniques our trainers use in their own                                                personal workouts, for fast and highly efficient                                                          results.

                                              Semi-Private Training

                                              $25 per client per session

                                              Share your session with a friend, co-worker, or                                                          associate and save. At your request, we may also                                                      attempt to match you with a compatible client to

                                              share your session time.  50-60 minutes per                                                            session. Days and times will determined upon                                                          registration and advanced payment.

                                              One-on-One Training
                                              $30-$35 per client per session 
                                              Our experienced Certified Personal Trainers will                                                        help you find the motivation to exercise and make                                                  fitness a part of your life. Each session is 50-60
                                              minutes long. 

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